Best Canadian Universities Scholarships in 2023 No IELTS Requirement

International students now have access to a sizable number of Canadian Universities Scholarships without IELTS requirements for 2023. These Canadian Universities provide certificates, academic degree choices, and diplomas across the board; IELTS test scores are not required for admission.
In this post, let’s look at these Canadian Universities’ acceptance rates, application costs, English language requirements, and scholarships.

The complete list of Canadian universities accepting applicants on scholarships without IELTS test requirements for the class of 2023–2024 is shown below:


Scholarships at Carleton University :

To apply for admission and scholarships at Carleton University, candidates may submit any of the following documentation: ESL/ TOEFL iBT/ PTE, CAEL/ CAEL-CE test results, or English language competence certifications.
Acceptance Rate at Carleton University: 21%
Application fee for admission to Carleton University: $110.00
Prestige Scholarships, Department Scholarships, David Muir Entrance Scholarship, etc. are some of the well-known Carleton University Scholarships for Undergraduates & Graduates.

Scholarships at the University of Winnipeg:

The University of Winnipeg also requires the TOEFL, Duolingo, C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency, CAEL, CAEL-CE, CAEL, CanTest, AEPUCE, PTE, ELP, and other exams in addition to IELTS.
75% of applicants are accepted by the University of Winnipeg.
Admission The University of Winnipeg’s application fee is $100 (local) and $120.00. (international)
International Special Entrance Scholarships and AP & IB Entrance Scholarships are a few of the scholarships provided by the University of Winnipeg.

3# Brock University Scholarships:

Students can go for PTE, TOEFL, CAEL, CAEL CE, or CanTest to fulfill the English language requirements of the Brock University of Canada for taking admission there.

Acceptance Rate of Brock University is: 73% (a/c to academic statistics)
Admission Application Fee at Brock University is: $100

Scholarships available at Brock University for the Undergrad, Grad, and Postgrad programs are; Goodman Scholarships, Caribbean International Scholarship, Prestige Awards, etc.

Brock University Scholarships:

Students can take the PTE, TOEFL, CAEL, CAEL CE, or CanTest to satisfy Brock University’s English language requirements before applying for admission.
According to academic figures, Brock University’s acceptance rate is 73%.
At Brock University, the application fee is $100.
The Goodman Scholarships, Caribbean International Scholarships, Prestige Awards, and other scholarships are offered at Brock University for the Undergraduate, Graduate, and Postgraduate degrees.

Brandon University Scholarships:

English language competency at Brandon University will be evaluated using the CAEL CE, CAEL, C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency, CanTest, EAP, PTEA, & TOEFL test results.
Brandon University’s acceptance rate is 47.5%.
Admission The application fees for Brandon University are: CAD $70.00 (for residents of Canada and Minnesota) & CAD $140.00 (for internationals)
The Board of Governors Entrance Scholarships, Continuing Scholarships, AP Scholarships, and other scholarships offered by Brandon University must be applied for by interested students.

Cambrian College Scholarships:

Other IELTS comparable examinations, such as the TOEFL, PTE, and Duolingo, are accepted at Cambrian College.
The Cambrian University acceptance rate is: Selective \sAdmission The Cambrian University application fee is CAD $95.
Undergraduate and graduate students can apply for the AECOM Civil Engineering Scholarship, Electrical Awards, and other scholarships offered by Cambrian University.

University of Saskatchewan Scholarships:

Standardized English exams including the TOEFL iBT, MELAB, CAEL, CanTEST, PTE Academic, CAE, and Duolingo have been accepted by the University of Saskatchewan for use in the admissions process. Additionally, Saskatchewan University accepts language proficiency certifications from prior institutions that the student has attended.
The University of Saskatchewan has a 45% acceptance rate.
Admission The University of Saskatchewan charges a CAD $90 application fee.
The University of Saskatchewan offers several prestigious scholarships, such as the Edwards Undergraduate Scholarship, Entrance Scholarship, Chancellors’ Scholarship, and many more.

University of Regina Scholarships:

Other English language competence exams, besides IELTS, that all prospective applicants for admission to the University of Regina may take include ELP, PTE, MELAB, TOEFL iBt, UofR, ESL, DET, & CAEL.
The University of Regina has an acceptance rate between 80% and 90%. Admission with Little Competition There is a $100 Canadian application fee for the University of Regina.
Utilize the renowned scholarships provided by the University of Regina, such as the Scholars Entrance Scholarship and the International Entrance Scholarship.

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