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Scholarships applications all year long for a variety of degree programs beginning in 2023–2024. You can thus apply right away to be considered for your preferred program. Grand Canyon Institution is a college committed to assisting students in improving their lives via education. It is situated in Arizona’s lovely metropolis of Phoenix.
Numerous undergraduate and graduate programs are offered by the University of Grand Canyon, and they can be finished on-campus or online. You might say that being able to choose from nine different majors at nine different colleges gives you an energizing chill.
GCU offers a selection of scholarship and grant options for people who want to finish their education as traditional undergraduate campus students. In this post, we’ll go into depth about everything you need to know about your preferred location, from scholarships to admissions policies.


Grand Canyon University (GCU) Scholarships Funding Benefits

If a candidate is successful in receiving one of the GCU scholarships, the candidate may be eligible for all or any of the following academic grant benefits:
Option to waive or reduce the entire tuition amount

  • per academic year or monthly stipend
  • Room and board sponsorship
  • funds required to purchase the notebooks, equipment, and stationery
  • Cost of meals Sponsorship fees
  • Students research sponsorship of VISA fees and health insurance plans.

Application fee for Grand Canyon University is $0

You don’t have to worry about paying an application fee at Grand Canyon University if you’re thinking about applying for admission. Students who often hesitate to apply because of the hefty application price will be relieved by this.
Grand Canyon University of Phoenix does not charge an application fee, so you are free to submit as many applications as you’d like for any undergraduate program.

Scholarships at Grand Canyon University

All year long, GCU accepts applications, and admission is granted on a rolling basis. The number of seats available in various academic programs may have an impact on the admissions competitiveness and space-availability fundamental criterion of university admissions. International students are urged to submit their applications two to three months before to the desired semester.
How students will pay for their education is one of the factors that worries them the most. A range of scholarships are available from Grand Canyon University (GCU) to help with financial aid.

High School Student Scholarships

High School Student Scholarships are available to undergraduate local and international students who are enrolled on campus. You could qualify if you graduated from high school between December of the year before and June of the calendar year you wish to enroll.
The range of prizes includes $9,300 to $4,650 for the Chancellor, $8,300 to $4,150 for the Chancellor-IB, $7,300 to $3,650 for the President, $6,300 to $3,150 for the Provost, $5,300 to $2,650 for the Dean, $4,300 to $2,150 for faculty, and $2,800 to $1,400 for the Antelope. If you maintain a good grade point average, your scholarship at GCU will be extended each year.

Grand Canyon International Student Scholarships

To submit an application for an international student scholarship, you must include your high school transcript. You can use your SAT and/or ACT test results to apply for these scholarships if your unweighted high school GPA is 2.5 or above.
Indirect President ($6,400), Indirect Provost ($5,400), Indirect Dean ($3,400), Indirect Faculty ($2,400), and Indirect Antelope ($1,400) are some of the several tiers of this prize. Your past GPA and SAT/ACT scores are used to calculate the reward amount.

State Grants at Grand Canyon

State grants are excellent resources for paying for your education. The Leveraging Educational Aid Cooperation (LEAP) program establishes a federal-state cooperation to provide partial to full financial support in the form of grants to students with verified financial needs. Deserving undergraduate students who are pursuing their first bachelor’s degree and have critical financial needs are awarded Pell Grants.

Grand Canyon Online Scholarships

Grand Canyon University offers a large number of scholarships for its departments’ online courses. These Grand Cayon University online scholarships include scholarships for new graduate students for the summer, RN to BSN scholarships, alumni scholarships, doctoral degree transfer scholarships, master’s degree scholarships in education, and scholarships for alumni.

Admission Process at Grand Canyon University

Choosing your major is the first and most obvious step. It is crucial that you choose the career path that both piques your interest and fulfills your desire. You must select a few majors from among the many GCU courses that are offered for that. Additionally, be sure to look into the program’s future prospects and GCU degree worth.
The following step is to start the GCU college application process and help your admissions counselor get to know you.

If you meet the requirements for admission to the campus or online undergraduate programs of Grand Canyon University (GCU), you must submit the proper high school or college transcripts. An essay is not required as part of the admissions process, applications, as well as the enrollment deposit, are free.

Students with GPAs of 3.0 or above are exempt from taking the SAT or ACT. Even if your transcripts don’t meet the GPA criteria but your test score satisfies the entry requirements, you will be qualified for full admission. Grand Canyon University requires either the SAT or ACT as part of the application process.
Log into the website’s Student Portal and upload your transcript and the necessary documents as described above. Wait for an admissions decision after submitting your application.

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