Think Big Scholarships 2023 for International Applicants

Think Big Scholarships 2023-2024 for Bachelors and Masters at British University of Bristol

All students may now apply online to the British University of Bristol for admission under the Think Big Scholarships in 2023. The University of Bristol is giving out Think Big scholarships to students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs for the academic year 2023-2024. The scholarships have a total budget of 500,000 GBP and will exclusively be given to foreign students attending the university.
These British scholarships are open to applicants from all subject fields with the exception of medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine. The prize is granted as a reduction in the cost of tuition. The clients are not given any money to use for other costs. Many British Scholarships are also accessible without IELTS.

Acceptance Rate of Bristol University is: 67.3%
Application fees of Bristol University is: Up to £50 GBP

One of the best institutions in the world, the University of Bristol is known for its top-notch research and instruction. The Think Big Scholarship is one of the most distinguished and substantial scholarships the university offers to international students among the various honors and scholarships available at the institution.
It should be noted that Bristol University’s acceptance rate is reasonable when compared to the overall number of scholarships they give. So please apply carefully if you want to be chosen.

Funding Allowance of Think Big Scholarship:

Three prizes totaling 10,000 GBP. This will be given to the winner each year of their academic program.
Nine prizes totaling 5,000 GBP. Additionally, this will be distributed annually.
Scholarships for postgraduate students are valuable because…
Postgraduate students can choose from three different types of prizes. The scholarships will be awarded as a tuition fee offset for each year the winner will be enrolled in their program of study. The dollar amount of these prizes is listed below:

5 awards of 20,000 GBP.
10 awards of 10,000 GBP.
20 awards of 5,000 GBP.

Process of Application for Think Big Scholarship 2023:

The applicants must have an offer letter from the institution, either conditional or non-conditional, for admission to a recognized program in order to be eligible to apply for the Think Big Scholarships. After that, they can apply for the scholarship online. They must complete the application and upload all necessary files. Applicants who have already received a Think Big scholarship are not eligible to submit an application.

Bristol University Scholarships Deadline is April 24, 2023

The Postgraduate Thinks Big Scholarship at the University of Bristol will no longer accept applications after April 24, 2023. The deadline for postgraduate program applications is May 14, 2022. (For the postgraduate programs, there are two rounds of application; the first round closes on 24 April 2023.)
The Think Big Scholarship for Undergraduates at Bristol University has a deadline of February 27, 2023, for the academic year 2023–2024.

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